Application Layer Protection

Stop Layer 7 (L7) DDoS attacks, Low and Slow attacks, Asymmetric attacks, Slow Loris, Slow HTTP Test, POST and GET floods, Windows Remote Desktop brute force password guessing attacks, etc.

Network Activity Monitoring

Monitor network flows and TCP connections in Real-Time. Limit network flow number, client bandwidth, client concurrent TCP connection number and TCP connection rate.

High Performance & Light Weight

No lag, robust and stable. Run smooth for months without losing perfrormance. Lighter than ever, only 2 MB.

Top marks and highly recommended by network security experts.

Award winning technology
that will protect you

We have our own ways to defeat network threats.

  • Network flow and TCP connection management. Anti DDoS Guardian limits network flow number, client bandwidth, client concurrent TCP connection number and TCP connection rate.
  • TCP half-open connection control.
  • UDP flow control. Limit UDP bandwidth, UDP connection rate and UDP packet rate.
  • Block country IP addresses.
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Anti DDoS Guardian Full Version Information
  • Current Version: 5.0
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 2.52 MB
  • Trial Limitations: 5-day free trial
  • Price: $99.95
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What and How

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  4. How to Block An IP Address?
  5. What is a DDoS attack?

Comments by Anti DDoS Guardian Users

"I must must really compliment you on your work. Anti ddos guardian is amazing......It works better than anything we've used......It's too cheap......People will offer a lot more for this kind of protection......Especially once they know how well it works......There is no other software that I've seen that actually worked well......We've had trouble with DDoS attacks with our game servers for a very long time......We've used hardware mitigation and other mitigation services......But none of them ever worked......” ---Daniel Bowen
"anti ddos guardian blocks ddos attacks it does the required job......before i found your program , my friend paid 300$ to ......but you know , their programs made setting up the program hard for user i think......" ---Muhammod Yunus
"Anti ddos guardian is amazing......To say the least......and we finally got around to installing the program on there......and now no more works 100%......when I was under attack with a 20,000 botnet......and it blocked attacks of 900mb/s" ---Col Austen